since I have been gone

Normally when I blog it is simply to relay messages, advice, and expertise to how to improve anyone kitchen designs. Ranging from lighting to appliances, to countertops. So far, there really is not anything that I have not spoken on. Really, I have just scratch the surface. There is so much to talk about when it comes to kitchen design and options. So much that can be done, style wise, fitting within budges, and preferences.

However, this blog post is to explain to my readers why I have not been sharing as much as I use to. What has happen in my life that has caused me to keep away from my peoples? Let me tell you that it was not by choice.

Every day I tried and tried to find time to express my ideas and knowledge on kitchen design. Each day I was unable to set aside the time in order to do so. I have not been this busy in a while. Well, I have been busy, I am always busy with something or another, but for almost the entire month of February was spent with me doing something random and time consuming.

There was weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths. I flew half way across the world to save my cousin from some bad people that he was wrapped up in.   Trying to build continuums, he cut so many corners that a few of the governments that he worked within wanted him jailed.

Who could blame them, really?

Not to mention my kitchen and home designs and remodeling firm have been doing wonderfully. Business is through the roof.

Kitchen Designs-The Best Investments

When it comes to designing a kitchen or really when it comes to any type of home design the appliances and systems that you install is crucial. Go with the very best quality that you can afford. Do not look at it like it is an expense, I mean yes, it is an expense. However, I like to think of them and I tell my clients that it is an investment. In your life, in your home, and in your family.

Have it done by a professional. If you are an amateur or just some Joe Schmooze then leave the installations alone, keep it professional. Trust me you will thanked me later in the future. It best to pay to have it done right the first time, that way you do not have to have this hooked up and installed again. Alternatively, worst become the victim of some horrible accident.

Here are a few things in the kitchen and in the home that is worth a few extra money to make it perfect.

The Stove

This is the heart of your kitchen. It what will feed yourself and your family? Think of it as a tool. When you have the best tool, you can make the best things. Having a great high butane stove will heat and cook any dish to perfection.


After having family over and hosting this big beautiful dinner in your newly remodeled kitchen. Who will clean up all of that mess? Do not worry about it, invest in dishwasher. If you are like some people that feel that they do not clean properly, that is no longer the truth. With technology the new dishwasher on the market are like precision cleaners. Not leaving a speck of food, dirt, or grime left for anyone to have to scrub off.

Even if you have an older dishwasher upgrade. In addition, trade it in for a newer model. It will be worth it, especially wither amount of money saved on energy bills and the water bill.

Heating and Cooling

I know many people thinking what does heating and cooling have to do with kitchen design. If your home is not comfortable, you are not going to enjoy your new kitchen.   Have your ducts and airways clean, check out the air quality. Make sure to have your HVAC system serviced. If you aer unsure who to trust checkout, You will not be disappointed.

Modern Kitchen Lightning Designs

I love contemporary and industrial lighting fixtures. With their clean lines, sharp edges, and minimal feel. It lends to a fresh and clean feel in any kitchen. What is best is that a contemporary fixture flows with any style of kitchen cabinets or countertops. Just check out these styles and examples of that beautiful contemporary style in multiple style of kitchens and ambience.


One of the best reasons to choose a modern and contemporary fixture is that they come in every color of the rainbow. A homeowner is not restricted to more traditional color pallet of brass, wood paneling, or crystal.


Not just cascading crystals or a bowl on the ceiling. There are so many different designs. From snowflake like fixtures, to pendulums light surrounded by hand blown glass, to round disco ball reminiscent fixtures. The shape is truly up to you and your taste.


I have come to realize that many of these modern fixtures are made from recycle and refurbished material. Taking things that would ordinarily have been thrown away, these are saved and redesign to bring color and beauty to you home. In particular your kitchen. Everyone knows what that means, that these type of items are one of a kind. By using recycle and repurpose material allows for a unique and one of a kind lighting. Which is wonderful.

Energy Efficient

Contemporize lighting are equipment with energy efficient lightbulbs. Such as LED lights and solar power lights. Either type of bulb will last at least thirty years before it will need to be change.

Small steps towards a new look

I love kitchen design it is my passion. Something that has always float my boat. It is my dream. My father and grandfather are compensators and contractors. They have designed so many kitchens and homes that they really should be on television.

It was going on job sites with them that enticed me to pursue my passion.

Here are a few tips to tie the kitchen to the rest of the house. This is very important when it comes to making a cohesive look. After implementing these tips you will see a great difference in the before and after.


The use of color can make the whole house look amazing. I do not mean paint the whole house the same color. I mean if you want to, all right, but it not necessary. Just choose one focus color, let us say red. Then place something red in each room. It can be a vase in the dining room, a throw pillow in the living room. In addition, a red cookie jar in the kitchen.

This little step will give the entire house continuity.

Choose the perfect hardware

This may seem like a minute detail to some folks but it is a terrific to update the entire kitchen. By just switching out the old knobs and handles, it is a very inexpensive way to update any kitchen. Not to mention it is super easy to do.


If you have the budget considering replacing your appliances. Find a style and look that you love. Then choose each item in the same color.

Kitchen Style Design

It is no point in having a beautiful kitchen if you do not have enough space for the things in your kitchen. There are many different space saving tips. Each one to optimize the layout of any kitchen.

This means that you must choose your cabinetry wisely. When it comes to cabinets, yes organization is key, but when you look into the kitchen the first thing you see are the cabinets.

What they look like plays a great role of the feeling and ambience of your home. Here are a few different cabinet styles that are classic and timeless. That you will not have to worry about changing five years from now.

Shaker Style

This clean, crisp look will last for as long as your house will last. This is really a safe look to go with but do not think of boring because it is so far from boring.

Traditional Style

Although this style is not as popular as it used to be, it is still a contender in style design. Take it old school for those that are bent on keeping up with the original style design in older homes. As I said before old school can be the new—new school.

Transitional Style

For those unable to decide between a traditional or contemporize look they may find their compromise in a Transitional style kitchen. Which incorporates elements of both. Creating a balance between the old and the new. This look is one that works for cohesively with many different home styles. No matter what it will work?

Go Natural Its the Smart Choice

With everyone concern about the environment, which is a great thing, I am often ask my expert opinion on how to clean and perfume for your home without using harsh cleaning solvents and aerosol sprays. No longer interesting in leaving a giant carbon footprint more and more homeowners, renters, and cleaning crews are switching to less harsher and natural cleaning products and deodorizers.

It is not that hard of a switch. Really, you have two options when it comes to the natural world of cleaning and smelling pretty. You can go the do it yourself path creating your own scents and cleaning product with the stuff around your home. Alternatively, shop at a health food store or in the organic aisle at your local grocer and department stores.


There are many different recipes and concoction available online for creating safe, and ecofriendly cleaning products. Although many work beautifully, try not to expect the same level of ease in each thing as those chemically laden products. Try a few different recipes and ideas to see which one works for you and your family.

My go to product when it comes to safely cleaning my home is baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Although I do tend to lean towards the baking soda be cease of its lack of smell.

Store Bought

Simple, easy and effective. There is no shame in popping into your local store and picking up a few natural cleaners. If concocting and experimenting is not for you then this is a great way to transition from those chemicals.

Flooring Design Trends 2016

When it comes to kitchen designs, the sky is really the limit. Seriously, the only thing that can get in your way is your own limit imagination.

Over the years, I have seen some creative and unique kitchen designs and themes.

What I like about the kitchen is that there is nothing about it that cannot be customized to the owner’s preference. From the lighting, to countertops, backsplash to the flooring. This makes me think of some of the best flooring design and display that I have ever seen. I mean I have really seen some beauties. Even a few floors were so beautiful it was almost painful to walk upon them, they were that beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite flooring ideas and concepts for the kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood

I love this idea of taking something old, what would have otherwise been thrown away, and recycling it into something great again. This is a great trend now; many people are realizing that the wood used in older homes are transcendent overtime. For many of us it is just too expensive to recreate that same look at today’s prices.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great option for any home. Made from resistance and durable material it can stand up to the heavy traffic and roughness that often plague kitchens. With so many designs to choose from there is a pattern for anyone’s pallet.


I personally have stained concrete floors in my own house. Do like me and have it heated by installing radiant heating wires doing the installation process.


Kitchen design or redesign can cost a lot. Not only can it prose to be quite costly it also come with many different expectant expenses.

Here are a few design ideas that any novice can tackle himself or herself. Mimicking the greats and saving a bunch of money.

Light fixtures

Although I would not normally mention this to a novice. Electricity being quite dangerous and all. With this, if you are nervous about doing the actual wiring do not let this restrict what you can do. Make the fixture and hire an electrician to install it. That way you save money on the fixture itself.


I know many people hate to paint. However, by painting yourself, a lot of money will be saved and it is something that you can enjoy for years to come. Unless you are like you and me like to change the paint every other years.


By simply organizing the space, it can bring a new sense of life. Rearranging and grouping like things together. Donating and throwing away those things that are no longer in use. Not only does it makes the space look better and bigger, I might add, but it also allows the home to purge.

Window Dressing

If you are handy and able to sew then you can pick out the perfect fabric to go with your décor and make your own curtains and valences. On the other hand, hit up one of those home stores.

These simple things can go a long way.

Kitchen Designs-Countertops

Do not forget that countertops really brings everything together. There are the linkage in any designer home. Do not skimp on choosing the right look for your kitchen. Do not limit yourself to just the countertops available in those home improvement warehouse stores. Think outside of the block in choosing the right counters.

Butcher Block

This type of countertop leans to a very professional look, as a person is walking into a chef’s kitchen. There are so many types of woods to choose from, you will want something sturdy and resilient. Make sure to waterproof and seal the wood so that bacteria do not accumulate in it.

Recycle Glass

I love this look, many times its gives a very expensive look to those that are on a budget. Not only does it look beautiful it also saves the environment. A beautiful ecofriendly look that will take the most ordinary kitchen to new levels, to the extraordinary.


I know when you think of concrete many people think that it is gray slab. Gray and sad. However, with the different acid stains and coloring you can make any type of concrete look like marble or some type of Venetian tile.


This very sustainable product can be used all over the house. However, it shines supreme in the kitchen. It is reminiscent of granite or something similar to that.

There are so much you can do with your kitchen, it is really somewhere you can either splurge or save.

Old school is the new, new school

Choose your kitchen based on the style of your home.

I love it when a homeowner does the necessary research on their home history. Then make their design decisions based on that. It is such an ode to the original builders of home. I have seen some wonderfully functional kitchens with all the amenities and upgrades we all love to see nowadays in the kitchen with the style of yesteryears. Each time it has worked well.

In particular if, you have an older home. For those who are owners of newer homes then it’s really whatever you decided but those in those homes with hand carved molding, original flooring, vintage hardware, consider going old school.

Here are a few examples of retro done right.

Crafts Man

I love the lines and look of a craft man style home. It has almost a bungalow type of feel. With straight lines, and utilitarian functionality. Beautiful wood throughout the entire home. It is great to see this look transform into the kitchen.


The elegance of a Victorian style home. The best thing I think about those old Victorian style homes are that they are not afraid of a little color. Check out pictures of those homes with original paint. Most likely than not each room has a different color creating a different flavor.


The home of old Hollywood. Tudor style homes always make me think that the people inside of the house is rolling in the dough. Even if they only have a few pennies! It is just something about a Tudor home that screams class!