Kitchen Designs-Countertops

Do not forget that countertops really brings everything together. There are the linkage in any designer home. Do not skimp on choosing the right look for your kitchen. Do not limit yourself to just the countertops available in those home improvement warehouse stores. Think outside of the block in choosing the right counters.

Butcher Block

This type of countertop leans to a very professional look, as a person is walking into a chef’s kitchen. There are so many types of woods to choose from, you will want something sturdy and resilient. Make sure to waterproof and seal the wood so that bacteria do not accumulate in it.

Recycle Glass

I love this look, many times its gives a very expensive look to those that are on a budget. Not only does it look beautiful it also saves the environment. A beautiful ecofriendly look that will take the most ordinary kitchen to new levels, to the extraordinary.


I know when you think of concrete many people think that it is gray slab. Gray and sad. However, with the different acid stains and coloring you can make any type of concrete look like marble or some type of Venetian tile.


This very sustainable product can be used all over the house. However, it shines supreme in the kitchen. It is reminiscent of granite or something similar to that.

There are so much you can do with your kitchen, it is really somewhere you can either splurge or save.