Old school is the new, new school

Choose your kitchen based on the style of your home.

I love it when a homeowner does the necessary research on their home history. Then make their design decisions based on that. It is such an ode to the original builders of home. I have seen some wonderfully functional kitchens with all the amenities and upgrades we all love to see nowadays in the kitchen with the style of yesteryears. Each time it has worked well.

In particular if, you have an older home. For those who are owners of newer homes then it’s really whatever you decided but those in those homes with hand carved molding, original flooring, vintage hardware, consider going old school.

Here are a few examples of retro done right.

Crafts Man

I love the lines and look of a craft man style home. It has almost a bungalow type of feel. With straight lines, and utilitarian functionality. Beautiful wood throughout the entire home. It is great to see this look transform into the kitchen.


The elegance of a Victorian style home. The best thing I think about those old Victorian style homes are that they are not afraid of a little color. Check out pictures of those homes with original paint. Most likely than not each room has a different color creating a different flavor.


The home of old Hollywood. Tudor style homes always make me think that the people inside of the house is rolling in the dough. Even if they only have a few pennies! It is just something about a Tudor home that screams class!