Kitchen design or redesign can cost a lot. Not only can it prose to be quite costly it also come with many different expectant expenses.

Here are a few design ideas that any novice can tackle himself or herself. Mimicking the greats and saving a bunch of money.

Light fixtures

Although I would not normally mention this to a novice. Electricity being quite dangerous and all. With this, if you are nervous about doing the actual wiring do not let this restrict what you can do. Make the fixture and hire an electrician to install it. That way you save money on the fixture itself.


I know many people hate to paint. However, by painting yourself, a lot of money will be saved and it is something that you can enjoy for years to come. Unless you are like you and me like to change the paint every other years.


By simply organizing the space, it can bring a new sense of life. Rearranging and grouping like things together. Donating and throwing away those things that are no longer in use. Not only does it makes the space look better and bigger, I might add, but it also allows the home to purge.

Window Dressing

If you are handy and able to sew then you can pick out the perfect fabric to go with your d├ęcor and make your own curtains and valences. On the other hand, hit up one of those home stores.

These simple things can go a long way.