Go Natural Its the Smart Choice

With everyone concern about the environment, which is a great thing, I am often ask my expert opinion on how to clean and perfume for your home without using harsh cleaning solvents and aerosol sprays. No longer interesting in leaving a giant carbon footprint more and more homeowners, renters, and cleaning crews are switching to less harsher and natural cleaning products and deodorizers.

It is not that hard of a switch. Really, you have two options when it comes to the natural world of cleaning and smelling pretty. You can go the do it yourself path creating your own scents and cleaning product with the stuff around your home. Alternatively, shop at a health food store or in the organic aisle at your local grocer and department stores.


There are many different recipes and concoction available online for creating safe, and ecofriendly cleaning products. Although many work beautifully, try not to expect the same level of ease in each thing as those chemically laden products. Try a few different recipes and ideas to see which one works for you and your family.

My go to product when it comes to safely cleaning my home is baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Although I do tend to lean towards the baking soda be cease of its lack of smell.

Store Bought

Simple, easy and effective. There is no shame in popping into your local store and picking up a few natural cleaners. If concocting and experimenting is not for you then this is a great way to transition from those chemicals.