Modern Kitchen Lightning Designs

I love contemporary and industrial lighting fixtures. With their clean lines, sharp edges, and minimal feel. It lends to a fresh and clean feel in any kitchen. What is best is that a contemporary fixture flows with any style of kitchen cabinets or countertops. Just check out these styles and examples of that beautiful contemporary style in multiple style of kitchens and ambience.


One of the best reasons to choose a modern and contemporary fixture is that they come in every color of the rainbow. A homeowner is not restricted to more traditional color pallet of brass, wood paneling, or crystal.


Not just cascading crystals or a bowl on the ceiling. There are so many different designs. From snowflake like fixtures, to pendulums light surrounded by hand blown glass, to round disco ball reminiscent fixtures. The shape is truly up to you and your taste.


I have come to realize that many of these modern fixtures are made from recycle and refurbished material. Taking things that would ordinarily have been thrown away, these are saved and redesign to bring color and beauty to you home. In particular your kitchen. Everyone knows what that means, that these type of items are one of a kind. By using recycle and repurpose material allows for a unique and one of a kind lighting. Which is wonderful.

Energy Efficient

Contemporize lighting are equipment with energy efficient lightbulbs. Such as LED lights and solar power lights. Either type of bulb will last at least thirty years before it will need to be change.