since I have been gone

Normally when I blog it is simply to relay messages, advice, and expertise to how to improve anyone kitchen designs. Ranging from lighting to appliances, to countertops. So far, there really is not anything that I have not spoken on. Really, I have just scratch the surface. There is so much to talk about when it comes to kitchen design and options. So much that can be done, style wise, fitting within budges, and preferences.

However, this blog post is to explain to my readers why I have not been sharing as much as I use to. What has happen in my life that has caused me to keep away from my peoples? Let me tell you that it was not by choice.

Every day I tried and tried to find time to express my ideas and knowledge on kitchen design. Each day I was unable to set aside the time in order to do so. I have not been this busy in a while. Well, I have been busy, I am always busy with something or another, but for almost the entire month of February was spent with me doing something random and time consuming.

There was weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths. I flew half way across the world to save my cousin from some bad people that he was wrapped up in.   Trying to build continuums, he cut so many corners that a few of the governments that he worked within wanted him jailed.

Who could blame them, really?

Not to mention my kitchen and home designs and remodeling firm have been doing wonderfully. Business is through the roof.