Small steps towards a new look

I love kitchen design it is my passion. Something that has always float my boat. It is my dream. My father and grandfather are compensators and contractors. They have designed so many kitchens and homes that they really should be on television.

It was going on job sites with them that enticed me to pursue my passion.

Here are a few tips to tie the kitchen to the rest of the house. This is very important when it comes to making a cohesive look. After implementing these tips you will see a great difference in the before and after.


The use of color can make the whole house look amazing. I do not mean paint the whole house the same color. I mean if you want to, all right, but it not necessary. Just choose one focus color, let us say red. Then place something red in each room. It can be a vase in the dining room, a throw pillow in the living room. In addition, a red cookie jar in the kitchen.

This little step will give the entire house continuity.

Choose the perfect hardware

This may seem like a minute detail to some folks but it is a terrific to update the entire kitchen. By just switching out the old knobs and handles, it is a very inexpensive way to update any kitchen. Not to mention it is super easy to do.


If you have the budget considering replacing your appliances. Find a style and look that you love. Then choose each item in the same color.