Lighting Options

When it comes to kitchen, the sky is the limit. Seriously, there are so many ideas and options available. What is great is many designs are able to achieve no matter the budget.

Let us talk lighting. Being informed is so important in choosing the right lighting for any kitchen space. The perfect light is necessary whenever anyone is dealing with sharp objects, fire, and delicious ingredient. Here are a few options to consider for the kitchen. There is an option for whatever the budget or lack thereof.

Recess Lightening

This is a way to have a nice glow without the physical look of an actual figure. When properly spaced throughout the kitchen any chef will be able to enjoy perfect lighting. Allowing the creative juices to flow without a hitch.

Track Lighting

Just as the name says, this type of lighting are LED bulbs on a track. It is nice to have one in front of the open face cabinets highlighting the dishes on display. Another one fixated on the cooking surface and instruments, like the stove.

Pendulum Lighting

The best thing about this is that once they are installed, it is so easy to change it up if there ever is a redesign and color change in the kitchen. Just a simply changed of the globe. Colored glass, vintage glass, wrought iron, or country chic mason jars.

When it comes to kitchen the lighting plays a great part of any kitchen’s ambience. Without it how would anyone be able to do anything in the kitchen, it would really be a disaster zone.

Tips to Maintaining Kitchen Designs

Your health relies on the hygiene of your kitchen. It is essential to clean your kitchen thoroughly at least twice a year. However, regular maintenance of your kitchen designs is necessary and may consume your time.

Here are the tips for maintaining your kitchen designs.

kitchen designn

Start cooking With an Empty Sink and Dishwasher

This is useful in saving the time you spend washing dishes. Washing the dishes after eating rather than leaving them dirty aids you reduces the overload of many dirty utensils, which keeps a clean kitchen and saves your time.

Clean the Sink

You should always clean your sink after washing the utensils. This aids in keeping a clean sink and prevents your dishes from getting greasy while in the sink. You should use warm water and soap to clean the wash.

Regularly Oil the cutting Board

Oiling your wooden cutting board once a month aids in prolonging its life. Oiling reduces the frequency of buying a cutting. You can also enhance the durability of your wooden spoons by oiling them each month.

Always Keep a Clear Countertop

Maintaining a clear countertop makes the kitchen look tidy and motivates you to cook rather than buy food. A countertop that is full of things looks oppressive. Ensure that your countertop is clear after every cooking session.

Applying these tips minimizes the time you spend maintaining your kitchen. It also lengthens the durability of your kitchen utensils and improves the hygiene of your kitchen design.

Two Popular Modern Kitchen Designs

If you want your kitchen to stand out from the crowd, you need to invest your hard-earned money in modern kitchen design. Here are three of the most modern kitchen designs in the world today that you can spend your money and time on.


Dutch Inspired

As the name suggests, this is a new design that is inspired by the traditional Dutch house setting. The fireplace has bluestone columns that are sourced from Brenda and Delft tiles to complement the wall paintings. This is a pretty expensive design to have, so make the necessary financial arrangements and make sure that your preferred designer understands what it will take to do the work and deliver the expected results.

Tiny Kitchen Design

Do not be fooled by the name, this is a design that is deal for homes or apartments that have a small kitchen. It was developed by Stephanie Stokes, a professional interior designer who has years of experience. The walls are covered with rustic cabinets that you can use store all your recipe ingredients while the worktop is filled with appliances such as the blender and toaster. The beauty of this design is that it smartly utilizes all the available space without making the kitchen look congested.

The above kitchen designs have stood the test of time and proved to be the best. Make sure that the materials and appliances that you decide to use are of top quality to avoid regrets a few years down the lane.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Design

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It can add immense elegance to your house if you invest in a modern design. There is no shortage of ideas that you can implement to give it a new touch, but you need to consider a number of factors in the selection process.

kitchen design


Implementing a design will cost you money, but the total cost of the renovation is dependent on the design that you choose. Hence, it is important to consider the cost of the project when budgeting to avoid leaving yourself in a financial limbo.

Existing Space

It goes without saying that the design comes with additional kitchen accessories that you will need to purchase in order to complete the design. Hence, you need to consider the amount of space available. Make sure that you leave enough room to walk around the room freely. Congesting the room with too many accessories will increase the risk of accident occurring.

Other Home Accessories

If you want to add elegance to not only your kitchen but also your entire house, you need to put into consideration the other home accessories and interior decorations. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on new accessories if you already have them. Find ways of using them to complement the design. In addition, choose a design that works best with your existing decorations such as wall painting and hangings.

Finally, have the design installed by a professional who have years of experience. You can also consult an expert interior design to learn more about the various modern designs available in the market today.